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Safety precautions


Fameus applies the following rules in her own home. We do this to safeguard the safety of visitors and employees.   

House Rules Famous:

  • Always keep 1.5 meters away

  • When walking in the hallway or hall, a mouth mask is always mandatory

  • Disinfect your hands every time you enter a room

  • Each room has a maximum number of people allowed. You can always find this number on the door of the room

  • Keep right on the stairs

  • Always disinfect the used items (tables, chairs, material) with disinfectant and road wipes. No rags/towels/…

  • Be courteous and give each other 1.5 m of space when entering and leaving

  • Follow the arrows on the ground to ensure a smooth 'peoples flow'

  • Clean up everything cleanly and fill in the list afterwards to see who disinfected what.

  • Always make a risk analysis for your activity


When drawing up the measures that apply in the cultural sector, a distinction was made between professional arts and leisure arts.  See which specific rules apply to your organization.


Each art discipline has its own adapted framework. Different applications apply to artists in a harmony than to a dancer performing a solo. The 9 support centers for the leisure arts have tailor-made advice  any art form. You can contact them for specific advice.


Socius, the Social-cultural Work Support Center vzw, wrote a guide with the basic measures for every organization. Are you looking for a general how-to read the guide here: Link


Fameus also offers you tailor-made advice, so that you are in a strong position to tackle the crisis. You can always request help with applying for subsidies, renting Zaal Zirkus or practical and social media tips by Fameus  to email or call.

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