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The Connection

How do you make cultural organizations accessible to artistic newcomers?

In September 2019, Fameus, together with Atlas (integration & integration Antwerp), started a three-year trajectory under the guidance of the Cera Impulse program of Cera and Dēmos.

Cera and Dēmos guide organizations aimed at strengthening their participatory art practices.

In collaboration with Atlas, famously developed a step-by-step plan for associations and organizations that want to work with artistic newcomers around art in leisure time.  


We worked with a learning network of organisations: Globe Aroma, kunstZ, Vzw Jong, Voem, Ruth Loos (policy officer for research at Sint Lucas School of Arts) and The Post Collective. They helped to find an answer to the research questions of the project:

What is your offer and why do you want to work with artistic newcomers?

How do you reach participants?
What conditions or elements must be in place to receive and support them well?
Who are the role models that your participants can emulate?

Which barriers ensure that the participants do not find their way to your organization or do not feel connected?

Supplemented with input from artistic newcomers, research and practical examples, this became the basis for a plan for all organizations that want to work with newcomers.

The document is a practical guideline with reflection questions and concrete practical examples that can be translated to your own organization.

Click here to download the step-by-step plan.

An overview was also made that you can easily refer to.

Click here to download the mini step-by-step plan.

Do you have questions about this or would you like some additional information?

You can contact us via:

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