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Laptops for OKAN students

The Connection in collaboration with OKAN  lamoriniere

 The Connection works together with  the OKAN school  (reception class for foreign language newcomers) 

in the   Lamorinierestraat  to familiarize young people with a different language in the cultural leisure offer of the city.  


With the current situation of COVID-19, we noticed that a large number of these students do not have computers and therefore do not have access to their digital learning platforms. This puts them at risk of falling behind in their learning.  

That is why the school, in collaboration with De Connectie, set up a large-scale campaign to collect Chromebooks to bridge this gap.  


That's how we want  are keen to ensure that the student population of refugee children can continue to learn at home as long as schools are closed and/or in the period when exit strategies ensure that it  is only partially possible  able to learn at school.  


The campaign has raised $5,000 so far. Thanks to all donors!

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