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Antwerpse Parels

Antwerpse Pearls annually bundles a new bouquet of breeding metropolitan stage talent. The pearls play, write and perform in six small stages in the city. Discover these new makers up close. 

Antwerpse Pearls is a collaboration between the Antwerp district and Fameus.

I'm Hussein, who are you?

Hussein has been living in Belgium for five years. He is looking for motivations to build his future in Western Europe and at the same time he is looking for his place in society. He enters into a dialogue with the public about these quests. He seeks out the spectators and wants to know who they are, what they are looking for. In the meantime, he shows himself literally and figuratively: as a person and as a player.

A monologue by Hussein Al-Khalidi with Madam Fortuna and WIPCOOP/MAP.

Thursday 21 October 2021 - Permeke, De Coninckplein 26, 2060 Antwerp

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In STRETCH, two people dare to dream big in a small space. Together they dream of gold medals in acrobatic gymnastics. Together they dream of Russia, their turn-of-the-century Valhalla. They practice, they sweat, they fail and they get up again. Together they stretch, pull and stretch after their dream.  

STRETCH is a choreographic slapstick performance. It is an experiment in failure and getting back up again, a small anecdote about two people who dare to dream big, a story within the lines of the gymnastics mat about love, friendship and all its everyday obstacles.

STRETCH is a performance by Jeroen D'hoop & Bas van den Bogaert.

December 13, 2021 - NOVA, Schijfstraat 105, 2020 Antwerp  

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Paralelo – David Ramos Joao


Paralelo is a dance performance about stories of different nationalities in Belgium and Antwerp.


We look for stories of our closest neighbors that pass parallel to our daily lives. They are small human stories about happiness, love, sadness, indignation, oppression, power systems, etc... They are ”everyday stories”.

Paralelo is a performance by David Ramos Joao in collaboration with WIPCOOP/MAP.

Friday 21 October 2021 - BLOC2030 - Columbiastraat 110, 2030 Antwerp

Friday 28 October 2021 - NOVA - Schijfstraat 105, 2020 Antwerp  

Watch the teaser  for 'Paralelo'.

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