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Mission and vision


Fameus supports art in leisure time  in Antwerp and helps ensure that

every artist and association is given the necessary space, support and inspiration for this.


  1. Fameus stimulates creativity and creates presentation opportunities.

  2. Fameus facilitates amateur artists and associations in the city.

  3. Famous reflects the diversity of Antwerp's amateur arts.

  4. Fameus positions itself as a point of contact for amateur arts in the city.

  5. Fameus is permanently embedded in the metropolitan city of Antwerp.

  6. Fameus is a professionally developed organization.


Famous creates the opportunity to  present,  meet and  develop talent,  always with freedom for the artistic process. Famous stands for  cultural democracy  so that every amateur artist, from his or her discipline and frame of reference, can actively participate in the amateur arts in the City of Antwerp. Famous works  transcending thresholds; we encourage  collaboration, support and  finance  projects and operations and  build bridges  between non-professional artists, professionals and policy. famous move  amateur art  in  to strengthen the social fabric in Antwerp.
In addition, Famous
  promoter and advocate  for the amateur arts in this city.

Visibility, meeting and talent development
Fameus is an open organization that supports initiatives on an organizational, artistic and financial level. We give amateur artists the opportunity to present their work and stimulate talent development and meeting. We are working on digital tools that enable presentation, collaboration and experimentation.

Cultural Democracy
Fameus sees it as its task to pursue an amateur art field that reflects the demographic composition of the city and in which there is room for art that is created from different frames of reference.

Fameus believes that artists, all with their own personality, traditions, values, norms, dreams and passions, can make personal and artistic gains by collaborating with others. Bringing people, organizations and ideas together, looking beyond borders and stimulating new networks are of great importance for the realization of our assignment.
  We also challenge society to get acquainted with the rich field of the amateur arts.

bridge builder
Fameus itself is building a broad network of organizations and partners with whom it collaborates at various levels.
  Our network includes partners from various sectors such as youth, professional arts, art and cultural education, welfare, education, etc. We are building a large support base and network that is in touch with the diverse urban context.

Amateur art to strengthen the social fabric of the city
Fameus wants to use amateur art to find a joint answer to contemporary social challenges. We are committed to the future. This involves a lot of experimentation, but also small-scale initiatives that can grow slowly or have proven their worth.

Famous believes that amateur arts can be a unifying force in our super-diverse society: in a street, neighbourhood, neighborhood or community. Where human contact, amazement and interaction between maker and audience are central, regardless of origin, orientation, ideology, social and economic position. We support and propagate the effort to be both artistically inspiring and socially connecting.

Promoter and advocate
Fameus participates in the social debate, ensures a positive and correct image and a sustainable positioning of the non-professional arts in the city of Antwerp and its districts.

Fameus stands up for the rights of non-professional artists through policy advice and puts non-professional art practice on the agenda of the city and other governments.

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