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I Come From There

The Connection in collaboration with Esther Weidenbaum & Famke Nysen.

Last year, these two students devoted themselves with great enthusiasm to developing an illustration and poetry offering for De Connectie.


Esther formed a collective with several multilingual artists and went to work with them in the graphics room in Sint Lucas Antwerp to try out different printing techniques. They were inspired by poems by Mahmoud Darwish and also wrote new poems themselves. Famke developed an online offer for participants of De Connectie, where they worked on words and poetry. This ranged from learning different poetry techniques to bringing these own poems to an audience.


See the beautiful result of the various works they made through this recording of the book presentation.


You can obtain the book 'I come from there' free of charge via Thanks to Arts in Society Award, Sint Lucas Antwerp, The Connection of Fameus & Rahal Ben Chammach (for the photos)

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