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“Come, come as you are

Like a thunderstorm in May

One voice speaks a thousand languages”


Calligraffiti - a project where calligraphy and graffiti, eastern and western references, stories and languages meet.

Four organizations from different domains joined forces for a large work of art on the outer wall of the Archipel site in the north of Antwerp.Famous, Sint Lucas Antwerp, VOEM and Rooftoptiger organized a project week under the fantastic guidance of DemaOne. This Brussels calligraphy artist has guided participatory projects in urban contexts worldwide and we were delighted to be able to work with him. About 15 participants/young artists/students experimented with calligraphy and graffiti, with a focus on multilingualism and connection. For a week they worked co-creatively with DemaOne on one large work of art. The work illustrates the diversity of the organizations, the different artists and the Dam district.

You can view the result for free. Come and decipher the impressive work that is more than 15 meters long (find the words). You can freely enter the Archipel site via the Lange Lobroekstraat.





The Connection

Saint Luke Antwerp

Open Design Course


Archipelago site


For more information and interest mail to

Sint Lucas School of Arts: Ruth Loos

The Connection: Jozefien Stevens and Adams Mensah

photos: Betty Matthysen

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