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De Connectie

With De Connectie, Fameus, in collaboration with Atlas (integration & integration), introduces artistic newcomers who are involved with art into the cultural landscape of Antwerp.


Newcomers bring their cultural baggage with them, enriching the cultural landscape of the city enormously. But it is not easy to find your way in the city and to find the perfect match with that organization, training, space or project where you can go to practice your art form, further develop your talent, and where you can find the necessary presentation opportunities. for your work.


The chance of success is much greater if the support that is offered goes further than just giving an address on a note. That is why Fameus is setting up the De Connection project.

For each participant, the most suitable route to the desired offer is looked at. This can be by offering tailor-made trajectories that can lead to joining an artistic community or cultural organization, training, finding an artistic workplace, setting up your own projects, etc...


The project employees provide follow-up and tailor-made support for the participants and organisations. This on the basis of individual coaching, a training offer in collaboration with Atlas and bimonthly activities with the entire group. The group activities serve to bring the various participants of De Connectie together each month, to give them a taste of different art disciplines and to create solidarity within the group.


Adams Mensah and Jozefien Stevens and

03 202 74 32

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The Connection is made possible in part by Demos and Cera

Schrijf je in!

⚠️ Voorlopig kan je je even niet meer inschrijven omdat het project volzet is, als je graag op de hoogte wil blijven over wanneer je de inschrijvingen terug opengaan, vul je email adres of telefoonnummer dan hier in:


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* afbeelding gemaakt via Less Simpel 

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