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In the survey that Fameus conducted in 2018 at  more than 100 artists, the need for creation and presentation space appears to be the biggest barrier to being able to practice art in the City of Antwerp. Fameus is looking for a sustainable answer to this need.


GAST in de Stad

With GUEST in the City we connect  artists to the city and its art houses. From October 2019, artists can sign up for a tailor-made  'match' with a studio or art house.

Artists looking for a temporary space, experience or a place in one of the participating art houses can reach Fameus. After an intake interview, a suitable match is made.

GAST in de Zomer

Every year, Fameus looks for artists to occupy a building during the summer. During the months of July, August and September, artists of all disciplines can receive a free studio in exchange for their artistic commitment during  STAND EMPTY.




Caro Marnef

03 202 74 35

GAST is a project of Fameus in collaboration with the Antwerp district, the City of Antwerp and KOP

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