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Applying for project and operating grants: step-by-step plan

STEP 1:  regulations and application form

Read the regulations and download the application form. You fill in this document at least two months before the start of your project and send the completed form back to Fameus by post or email before the deadline:  

  • Project subsidies: 1 March, 1 June, 1 September or 1 December ​​

  • Operating grants: October 1, 2019  

Do you need help with your grant application or do you still have some questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Mail to or telephone 03 202 74 36 for additional information.

By mail
Fund for Talent Development
Zirkstraat 36
2000 Antwerp

Via Dropbox and mail
Upload your application to our Dropbox via the project grants or operating grants page.


Or email

Note: for e-mails larger than 5MB it is best to use WeTransfer .  

STEP  2: Receive confirmation
You will receive a confirmation when we have received your application.


Have you already sent your application but have not received a confirmation yet?

Mail to or call 03 202 74 36.  

STEP 3: (optional) jury moment
Fameus invites you for a conversation with the jury. Here you can tell more about your project.


If you want to do this, please indicate this on your application form. Explaining your project verbally is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. The jury meets no more than two weeks after the submission date.  


Jury moments of the project applications will take place in 2020 on: June 17, September 15 and December 17.

STEP 4: Submit evaluation file 
If the jury has given the green light, your grant application has been approved. The grant will be paid in installments by bank transfer. You must submit that evaluation of your project or operation by the deadline.


Your file contains:

  • A substantive report: in it you tell the positive and negative experiences of your project, as well as whether you have met the objectives  reached.

  • A financial report: in it you write the settlement that shows what you used the subsidy for        (you prepare this in the same way as your budget).  

Need inspiration or curious about organizations that have previously received a subsidy from Fameus? View the list of approved project grants here  (2016, 2017 and 2018) and view the list of approved operating grants here .

The Fameus staff will gladly assist you in completing your application form and your budget. You can also contact our subsidy officer Gwen with other questions or ideas. Do this at least four weeks before you have to submit. 

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