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Home for the amateur arts

The House for the Amateur Arts in Antwerp is a meeting center for everyone who is active

or interested in amateur art. It is a collaborative project between the amateur arts sector

and the City of Antwerp.


Open cloth vzw  –Amateurtheater Vlaanderen, is the national organization that wants to promote the artistic quality of amateur theater and that has an eye for its social importance.

OPENDOEK strives for renewal, rejuvenation and broadening of the amateur theater sector through the

to encourage, inform, support and guide.

More info: Zirkstraat 36, Antwerp | 03 222 40 90  |  website  |  Facebook page


ETA wants  let students and teachers enjoy a wide range of high-quality, educational theatre.

ETA transfers productions  themes that affect young people.  The performances are mainly aimed at primary and secondary education. They take place at your school, in a local Cultural Center in Belgium or the Netherlands, or in one of our own rooms in Antwerp.

More info:  Zirkstraat 36, Antwerp |  03 226 42 00



Fameus develops, stimulates and supports the experience and practice of all amateur arts in the metropolitan city of Antwerp. Fameus is working on a stimulating amateur arts policy in collaboration with the city of Antwerp. In addition, it offers a wide framework so that all amateur artists and associations in this city can develop to the fullest.

More info: Zirkstraat 36, Antwerp | 03 202 74 35  |  website  |  Facebook page


Theater Zeemanshuis  started in 1983 under the name TAA. They played their first theater performance in the CC van Berchem. In the meantime they have made many different – mainly humorous – productions such as 'De Rat', 'Schippersstraat', 'Leo goes Solo' and recently 'De Red Starline'. From 1984 to 2012, TAA was located in Theater Zeemanshuis. Since 2013, they have been based in the Oude Beurs and play their performances in the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp.

More info: Hofstraat 15, Antwerp | 03 225 07 53  |  website  |  Facebook page

Huis voor de amateurskunsten: Inner_about
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