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Theater nearby


Project in collaboration with the Antwerp district, OPENDOEK and Toneelhuis

Come and meet the 12 performances that are competing for one of the prizes of Theater in the neighborhood on Tuesday evening 21 May. As hostess, Soe Nsuki guides you through the evening and introduces the colorful company on the basis of videos, interviews and music. The films are made by students at Artesis Hogeschool, journalism department.

At the end of the evening, the jury (Eric Vanthillo, Jaouad Alloul and Célia Fechas) will award 3 prizes:

best emerging talent, best senior and best innovator.


What's in the prize bags?

Coaching, a residency, a performance weekend in Zaal Zirkus, extra show opportunities, promo packages and free tickets for a performance in the Toneelhuis.


And the public decides who goes home with the audience award.  

Each company has a chance to win one of the three main prizes and an audience prize.

The following groups and theater makers participate in Theater in the neighbourhood:

  • The Silvertoppers

  • Jeroen Medaer

  • glorious

  • squatter

  • Theater VREAK

  • Swaajp

  • Tg Apasto

  • Flabberhast

  • North Theatre

  • Multatuli Theatre

  • Ramos Sama

  • The Violins


Award ceremony Theater nearby,  May 21 at 8 pm


theater house,  Comedy place 18, 2000 Antwerp


Admission is free, but if you want to be sure of a spot, you can book a ticket via


Caro Marnef

03 202 74 35

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