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Sound. Image. Word. Dance! Be touched by the newest festival in the city of Antwerp: Project Kunstwijk. For three days from Friday October 16 to Sunday October 18 you can lose your heart

of art in the center of Antwerp.


RAAK invites you to follow an artistic trail in the city center to meet new, local talent in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Fameus puts together a fascinating program for RAAK with dancers, writers, music, visual artists and workshops. A selection of artists shows  you what art can mean in times of corona.

This is how you make your way between local and sparkling talent.

Don't miss out, such a new festival, rather RAAK!

FRIDAY 16/10

The festival starts on Friday evening with a dazzling program at Fameus in Zirkstraat. The program was put together by all artists in residence (the GUESTs of Fameus) who have a workplace in the building.

Via an experience trail that takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, through the numerous spaces of the building you can enjoy bubbles of max. 4  people to become acquainted with the visual and performative work of the GUESTs. Scenographer Steven Brys , together with all the artists, creates an intriguing visual atmosphere that emphasizes the dynamic character of the artists. It will be a fascinating sensory experience with work by, among others,  Honey, Xrayart collective, Blackbirds project, Denisa Teglas, Ana Elba, Emmanuele Dainotti, Olivia Lopez Calderon & David Katshiunga.  Saturday 17/10 provides  j̶o̶z̶e̶f̶a̶l̶e̶k̶s̶a̶n̶d̶e̶r̶p̶e̶dr̶o̶  musical accompaniment.

A new bubble can start on the route every 8 minutes. You register at the entrance.

In Zaal Zirkus and in the courtyard you can meet choreographic work by Jo-An Lauwaert, Xrayartstudios and a performance by Funuun on Friday evening.

DJ Shangozi provides a cozy atmosphere in our outdoor bar.

reservation and tickets:


On Saturday, the festival spreads over several locations in the historic center of Antwerp.

In the Vleeshuis museum, the focus is on music. Together with her musician, singer Sally Ghannoum takes you on a journey to their native Syria and lets you taste traditional Syrian music. Safari Andalouse plays various styles of classical and modern Arab-Andalusian music. 

Younes van den Broeck aka Spitler is a visual word artist. He puts his social commitment  in art, word and image.

In Museum Plantin-Moretus, Female Takeover takes over the enchanting courtyard garden. This collective of female artists is busy conquering Antwerp and Flanders. They bring a program of music, dance and speech, tailored to this location.

Opening Saturday evening in the Stadsmagazijn  2 exhibitions, curated by Tenawa. Hussein Shabeeb , who has previously exhibited with the photo exhibition iPass in FOMU and Arenberg, among others, is creating a new photo exhibition Matter for the festival.

Tenawa invites the artists Sahar Zuher and Tarek Shabout to curate an exhibition of their work in the dance hall of Het Stadsmagazijn. The exhibitions can still travel afterwards and will be shown in several places.

The new short film 'Too Much' by Hassan Raad Marhon premieres in the attic. Earlier, Hassan Raad Marhon made the performance 'Maybe' for Stadsnomads #3 during a residency at the Zuidpool theater. The short documentary 'A lot of people' will also be shown again this evening. For this documentary, Hassan edited self-filmed images of his stay in the Kapellen reception centre.

With Noord/Sul, Mano Amaro tells a story of faith, suffering, resistance, falling, getting up and surviving, using images, music and a dance language, with roots in Afro-Brazilian and contemporary dance.

Hidde Moens , founding member of the collective Dichtatuur, presents a solo project with Demon Hides, A musical, poetic discovery and revelation. Maybe even a séance, if the atmosphere is right.

On Saturday evening you can experience the second Clear Instant X Osei Bantu Experience at Fameus in Zaal Zirkus.
Michaël Brijs, Thomas De Prins, Vincent Brijs and David Joao Ramos invite a few guests to explore the possibilities of improvisation of freestyle jazz and dance with them. This Experience brings the best of today's
  Antwerp jazz and dance scene has to offer, together!

NA plays in the courtyard of Fameus. 'Na' means 'now' in Antwaarps. 'After' is the time to meet again while respecting the rules of social distancing. With this limitation in space, Sandra Delgadillo made a short dynamic performance in early July 2020 that brings young dancers different dance styles (contemporary, afro & breakdance) together AFTER our first long quarantine period.

The dance company Hermens dances with The Happening of a grand Union, a contemporary revival of  the dance company of Yvonne Rainier.

The expo experience route through the GAST workshops can be visited freely on Saturday evening.


reservation and tickets:

SUNDAY 18/10

Anyone can join in on Sundays!

Charlotte Dumortier and Karen Spiessens put together a family and interactive program especially for RAAK in and around the Plantin-Moretus museum. As part of the festival, the windows of the reading room that open onto Heilige Geeststraat,
  with new window drawings by Sadrie Alves, Joud Toamah and Gilani Raja . The public can experience live how the drawings are placed on the windows and get a special insight into the artistic process.
Those who feel like drawing, printing and tinkering can visit the museum In museum Plantin-Moretus.
  Children under 12 can make prints with artist Inés Ballesteros in the print lab Gelli.   Collective the Dry Needle  position themselves in the courtyard and make wood etchings inspired by the museum's woodblock collection.

In the Stadsmagazijn you can follow workshops at Wilde Raven . Parents and children can enjoy themselves to their heart's content in their bubble and explore their creative side. We work around different printing techniques (monotype, lino, stamping techniques...) to arrive at a mixed media work.

At Fameus, GUEST resident Denisa Teglas invites families to with 'I dare you to finish my painting'  to finish her unfinished work.

In Zaal Zirkus plays  Merci Maurice a short presentation from “We the people”, a visual investigation into De Mens. At 3.30 pm Meurman and de Rudy close the performance part of the festival with Stretch, a choreographic slapstick performance about failure and getting back up again. 

The exhibitions at Fameus and the Stadsmagazijn will also remain on Sunday from 2 pm  -  5 pm open to the public.

reservation & tickets:


Caro & Gwen /


Project Kunstwijk is a collaboration between District Antwerp, Het Stadsmagazijn, CostA, Famous

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