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On December 20 and 21, PRESS RECORD opened its doors to a new crop of unknown Antwerp audiovisual talent. From documentaries to vlogs, music clips and short films, all forms will be covered during this second edition of the film festival.

The common thread between these films? They are Antwerp through and through and were made by filmmakers without professional audiovisual training.

Prizes were handed out by the jury (consisting of Baloji, Heleen Declercq and Inès Eshun), the public and partners BREEDBEELD and Hakuna Academy.

Led by actor and director Adams Mensah, more than 65 unique films were submitted. The final film selection was made by the PRESS RECORD steering committee. It consisted of young and diverse filmmakers who make a lot of noise in today's film world. Mensah curated the festival into an interesting mix that reflects the city.


  • Jury prize: Emanuele Dianotti with Tonight

  • Hakuna Academy: Ayham Qomoq with The Wall

  • WIDESCREEN: monokimono with ice creams
    And 4 passes for Anouk van der Wegen, Xray, Ben Verrept, Joachim Pierre

  • Audience Award: Rafik Bobo with Bad Boys



Shamisa Debroey

03 202 74 35


PRESS RECORD is a project of Fameus and Cc Deurne,

in collaboration with Breedbeeld, Hakuna Academy, Because we are visual.


As the best bonus, Fameus is giving away a jury prize of 500 euros and an audience prize of 1000 euros, to support future audiovisual work.

In addition, there are also other great prizes provided by the festival's partners: WAJOW, Het Bos & BREEDBEELD.

WAJOW Price ; A personal trajectory with WAJOW as production partner in the making of a new film. In addition, 10 films will be selected for screening during the POU festival in De Studio.

WIDESCREEN Price ; A trophy, a corresponding cash prize of €500 and a participation of your choice in one of the workshops of the BREEDBEELD film school.

Het Bos & JEF Prijs ; Screening of a selection of short films during the JEF film festival in Het Bos. In addition, one of the makers will receive a residency in Het Bos with production support for a next film.

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