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Heritage Day

We will close the summer project GAST on September 9 during the Open Monument Day.

You will have the chance to view the authentic courtyard with the pagadder tower.

Especially for the occasion we asked the ladies of ROEST  to take you through the building,  to guide its history and its present function. Do not expect the traditional guided tour,

but on an artistically challenging route through the temporary art studios and exhibitions in the Oude Beurs.


In addition, some artists from the 'culture in the street' entertainment offer create good vibes and treat visitors to atmospheric performances in the courtyard. Fameus selected 15 cultural acts in various art disciplines for this offer, together with Stadsmakers (urban service that supports initiatives by residents and associations). Vlamo also delegates some skilled artists!


Everything is free and without reservation!



13h00 – 13h30 |  tour RUST

13h10 – 13h40 |  Pagus Wasia Pipes and drums 

Pagus Wasia Pipes & Drums is a fairly young and small band, founded in 2011 in Beveren, consisting of 8 pipers, 5 drummers, 1 steward and a few students in training. The band is led by Luc Smits, assisted by Wim for marching and discipline and Diane for the drum section.


13h40 – 14h00  hours |  Eli

With his acoustic guitar, Eli laykes in 't Antwerps, with lyrics taken from life, sometimes humorous, sometimes deadly serious, but always from the heart.  


2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. |  tour RUST


14h20 – 14h40  hours |  Swaajp
Swaajp's Director's Cut is an improvised theater performance in which three directors compete for the audience's favor.


14h40 – 15h00  hours |  Strange Ways
With his surprising guitar playing and intelligent lyrics, Vladimir always manages to create a special atmosphere and to move his audience emotionally and physically.


3:00 PM – 3:30 PM |  tour RUST


15h20 – 15h50  hours |  String Ensemble Rosamunde 

String Ensemble Rosamunde is a group of musicians from Mechelen who like to make music together. They serve a mixture of light classical music including a rumba, tango, serenade, film music.


4 pm – 4.30 pm |  tour RUST

4.20 pm – 4.40 pm  hours |  Jitse Verschueren

When Jitse Verschueren performs on stage, you can expect comic stories about porn, bizarre leaps of thought, well-thought-out silliness, intriguing costumes and three or four guitar chords.


4.40 pm – 5 pm |  Notches

Notches is a dynamic and swinging choir. They sing everything from classical to jazz to world music, as long as it's fun.


5:00 PM – 5:30 PM | tour RUST


5.20 pm – 6.00 pm |  Moving Ground

Still standing, present somewhere, surviving, not yet used, unprocessed or dissolved.

Residuo is a poetic dance duet about finding yourself at the bottom and coming up stronger.

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