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A dance project with a baroque twist and shake

in collaboration with the Oude Badhuis and IetStof in the context of Antwerp Baroque 2018


Two weekends in November, more than 75 dancers take on the theme of 'Baroque'. They don't do this alone. Under the guidance of 5 professional choreographers, they look for a contemporary interpretation of the theme. They will show the result during 3 subsequent presentations in Het Oude Badhuis on November 18 .  


Be surprised by the idiosyncratic view of the 6 choreographers: Fanny Heuten, Paulo Guerreiro, Imedi, Ramos Sama, Sara Golijanin & Linne Dierckx and the scenography by Steven Brys. Together with the participating dancers, they transform Het Oude Badhuis into a 17th century church of dance.

As a final twist, the children and young people of IetStof provide each dancer with baroque outfits.


Join one of the three shows at 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm on November 18th to view the end result and discover Het Oude Badhuis in a different way.



Nov 18

Starting hours: 4 pm – 6 pm – 8 pm

Location: The Old Bathhouse


Entry price show moment: 4 euros, FTE: 2 euros
Tickets via Het Oude Badhuis


  • Fanny Heuten is a passionate dancer, who has been intensively researching and fascinated by African dance for 30 years, in which the constant search for her own body language and color are a large part of the choreographic compositions used in her classes, workshops and performances.


  • Paulo Guerreiro studied choreography at the School of Dance in Lisbon and worked with various choreographers and artists in Europe. In his personal performances (dance performances, video art, performances, installations) the body is always the central element.


  • Imedi / The couple Imeda Kavlashvili and Khatuna Makharadze have a dance studio in which they have been teaching Georgian ballet to young people for more than 10 years. Before teaching themselves, they were professional dancers in Georgia for 15 years. The couple's paths crossed at the age of 16 when they started dancing in the same dance studio. After this, they traveled the world performing, from Las Vegas to Paris.


  • Ramos Sama worked as a dancer and choreographer together with Jos dolstra jazz institute, LGU (lets go urban) and Osei bantu / Konichiwa crew Be.

  • Linne Dierckx & Sara Golijanin



Based on a fascination for technology, nature and the arts, Steven Brys designs spaces and light for performances of dance, theatre, cabaret, puppetry, exhibitions, etc. He works together with KVS, de Koe, tg Stan, Dood Paard, kunstZ, Laika, Inti , Het Paleis, Theater Stap, Theater Zuidpool, Toneelhuis, De Roovers, Leen Braspenning, De Werf, De Kolonie mt, ....


Shamisa Debroey

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