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GAST X 10 years FAMEUS

Fameus launched an open call in 2019 for new artists and collectives or for those who want to try something new and who are looking for creative space. In collaboration with other meeting centers and culture houses, we make various workspaces available for these artists who are called GUESTs.  


The GUESTs meanwhile form a community in their own right and, together with Fameus, are organizing a festival to celebrate the non-profit organization's tenth anniversary. Immerse yourself in the artistic world of all these different GUESTs on Friday evening 6 and Saturday 7 May 2022. Are you curious? Check out some work online via


Zirkstraat, Old Stock Exchange, Lange Koepoortstraat

Expo with work by Ana Elba Sospedra, Giulio Napoletano, Nieke Catteeuw, Mihaela Romanica, Jyoti van Achter, Sabine Dils, Karen Hendrickx, Karin Schuitema, Amber Van Ham, Jet Van Leeuwen, Denisa Teglsa, Ronald Cuyt, Casper Fredeus, Caresse Goossens, Peter Marnef, Hussein Shabeeb, Marc Pengel, Freedom, Ade Yuliana, Brecht Van Riet, Jozefien Stevens, Ahmad Aboali, Cifel Huseyin, Joanna Madclone, Eleonore Kazadi, Chloë De Nil, Ramos Sama, Maher Faraj, Alex Akuete, Zoë Nkwuge, Nillem Mirza, Elisabeth Roggeman, Alix Stessel, Bridget Jill Jones, Danilo Sodate, Kacper Wanarski, Evelien Van Jole, Sophie De Jaegher and Art Telex




4 pm: Xray - Movement experiment 

Room Zirkus

7.30 pm: Young Level Up (10')

8.15 pm: NeonBaroque - By George, She's Got It! (90')
9.45 pm: DJs


ceramics workshop 

13:30: Workshop ceramics 1 (90')

15:30: Workshop ceramics 2 (90')

You must book this free workshop in advance by sending an email to FULL IS FULL.

Room Zirkus

2:00 PM: Eline Vandenbroucke - Beyond Expectation (30')

3:00 PM: Evelien Van Jole and Yentl Stoops - Ritual of becoming (20')

4 pm: Karen Hendrickx and JC Choreography - Sketches of Emotion (20')

5:00 pm: Annelore Van Eyken - I'm so far (30')

7:00 pm: 10 years Famous

8:00 pm: Johannes Lievens and Emma Loncke - Nycticorax nycticorax (45')

9:00 pm: BLACKXFIRE (10')

9.15 pm: Young Level Up (10')

9.30 pm: Party with DJs until 1 am


16h00: food until 21h00

image program


Location or need more information?
You cannot make a reservation in advance, you pick up a free ticket at the Fameus reception on the day of the performance you want to see.
Address: Zirkstraat 36, 2000 Antwerp
Phone: 03 202 74 35

GAST is a Fameus project that is supported by the Antwerp district and the City of Antwerp.

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