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Exposed Music

project in collaboration with Het Stadsmagazijn, coStA, Stormkop, ICP and District Antwerp

Inventive musicians, dancers, storytellers and illustrators are guests in Stormkop, a gigantic modernist warehouse on the Droogdokken, a stone's throw from the MAS 

The performances occupy the most fascinating spaces. Explore the warehouses, workshops, shower rooms and canteens where ship repairers were once busy.

The bar  quenches your thirst  in between performances.

In the folk kitchen  you can eat a delicious meal beforehand.

Curator Michaël Brijs (The Valerie Solanas, De Bronstige Bazooka's) is a jazz flutist, songwriter, composer and author. He makes music theater and experimental oratorios, and has a passion for Antwerp architecture.  

storm head  is an expressive haven for young and less young adventurers. A wild, surreal place where hands roll up, knees get dirty and your heart is thrown into disarray.  This atypical location breathes maritime heritage in a  industrial zone.


In the Steel Atelier  The Victory's

The Victory's is a gospel group  with Claudio Mayemba (Angola) as the driving force. The band consists of young people of various origins and brings contemporary gospel with influences of soul, pop, jazz, blues and afro.  On Exposed Music they sing a cappella in a cathedral of glass and steel.

In the Plasticarium  Jon Doe One and Stefanie Janssen

Eighteen shower cubicles where port staff used to wash themselves after a long day at work: now there is a lonely dripping sound. Jon Doe One and singer Stefanie Janssen (Netherlands) will work with soundscapes and siren singing.  

  • Jon Doe One (aka Hannes D'Hoine): electronica

  • Stefanie Janssen: soprano


In the galley  HAN  BENNINK, Thomas De Prins, Vincent Brijs and Alexander Wahba

Jazz drummer Han Bennink (Netherlands) is a living legend. Together with Misha Mengelberg, among others, he is one of the pioneers of European free jazz. He collaborated with American legends such as Eric Dolphy, Don Cherry and Lee Konitz.  On Exposed Music he plays in a line-up that has been put together especially for this occasion. It will be a unique experiment, where free jazz enters into a dialogue with street dance.

  • Han Bennink: drums

  • Vincent Brijs: sax

  • Thomas De Prins: piano

  • Alexander Wahba: dance  


In the Expedition Room Notches 

Sail along and immerse yourself in a world of wondrous goals. Dive, splash, swim and float... because everyone comes out of the water and the water comes out of everyone. An  narration  in  choral singing,  in  the  workplace  from adventurer-inventor  Fons Oerlemans,  That  of  his boatswain Kee Arens sailed around the world in a bottle.

  • Text and game: Silke Melis

  • Music: Notches (socio-artistic choral work)

  • Composition: Michaël Brijs and Tine Joris


In the Blue Room Bert Lezy, Lies Van Gasse, Jirka De Preter and Ikram Aoulad

Ikram Aoulad reads harbor prose by Paul Van Ostaijen. Three live artists make interactive graphics on one big screen and create a visual universe around Van Ostaijen's story. A jam session, but without music.

After party with DJ  Shoogar Combo

Presentation: Andy Fierens

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