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Culture market in the Old Stock Exchange

On August 26, the Oude Beurs will once again be transformed into a vibrant artistic place.

During the culture market you will meet some of our GUEST and you can sing along and the organizers of Nekka Nacht invite you to come and listen to some surprising performances. Or you can just relax with a drink in our cozy GAST bar.

12.30 – 13.00 | PETROL –

Dutch children's songs
Children's songs are the basis of our singing culture and the most beautiful children's songs ... they have been written for a long time. The Appelmoes project therefore embraces traditional Flemish children's songs with great enthusiasm. 30 musicians from the Klein Kunstencentrum 't Smiske collaborated on a new CD, including coloring book.


13.30 – 14.00 | Happy Bee Ball –  Nekka 

Hilde Frateur sings, plays, writes music and knows how to enthusiastically take her audience along in her story. A musical story that's right! She accompanies herself on diatonic accordion, ukulele, foot drum and cymbal. She also lets the youngest play along on her self-built instruments. When she sings her new bee song, everyone starts dancing.  Did you know that bees lead the way to nectar in a wag dance?  

14.00 – 15.00 | Dutch singing  famous
Do you also want to improve your Dutch a bit or do you just like to sing? Then join the free singing session led by Wim De Busser (from Zita Swoon Groep, among others). In good weather, the piano is in the historic courtyard, in the rain in the GAST bar. Singing experience is not required.

15.00 – 15.30 | PETROL –  Nekka

16.00 – 16.30 | Sabien Tiels and Amaryllis Temmerman  - On the road to peace -  Nekka 
It is no secret that Amaryllis Temmerman and Sabien Tiels have been together since their concert tour with the Nijghse Women. The theater sisters are only too happy to knit a new musical jacket together with which they want to warm their audience this autumn! Both singers invariably believe in the power of positive thinking and its influence on our society. Dreaming together of a world where love reigns.


17.00 – 17.30 | Astrid Nijgh, Steamboat and Lennaert Maes  -  Nekka 
By the survivors is the successor to the successful tour Nijghse women.

This time, the Dutch celebrity Astrid Nijgh will not go out with three ladies, but will pay tribute to deceased singers from Flanders and the Netherlands with a few younger gentlemen.

from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Artists in residence - Famous

Fameus selected 26 young artists/collectives who work together on a show moment.
Come and admire the result in their workshops. With work by Britt Ryckebosch, Hussein Mahdi, Eva Donckers, Jeroen Meylemans, Vanessa Borderlight, Francisco Manzano, Jente De Graef, Christoffel Hendryckx, Dieter Brusselaers, Jelle Van Meerendonk, Sven Van Troostenberghe, Izra Jans, Nancy Keuris, Denisa Teglas, Mink Chonsamoe , Jeroen Medaer, Evie Van den Broeck, Koreey Wilrycx, Oliver Cramm, Alex Akuete, Isa Laurent, Anuja Cornelis, Tina Herbots, Gwen Van Arnhem, Ine Ramaekers, Luuk van Herp and Maya Bogaert.

IDEAAL is an interdisciplinary exhibition of 10 artists who have recently graduated. A shared taste in image, print and text brought the ten together. They themselves published a publication in the RISO printing technique, the artist prints of which are also exhibited at the expo. In addition to carefully curated work on the theme of IDEAL, you will also be able to make your move in a bookshop with a selection of self-published zines and objects. In collaboration with KOP and Famous.

GUEST bar 
Come and have a drink all day long in the nicest bar in the city and be surprised by the wide range of leisure arts in the city.

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