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Zuzanna Sosnowska & Danielle Gallia-Kind

Connect to yourself

Welcome aboard an inner journey into neo-healing. Switch off your phone. Take a deep breath.

Welcome aboard an inner journey into neo-healing. Switch off your phone.

Take a deep breath and let me guide you into my distraction.

Forget everything you know about guided meditation.

Connect to yourself.

Pay attention to your distraction.

Do you often feel hyperconnected? Do you often feel like you are not present, and you don’t know why? Do you often experience a split between the virtual and the real? Are you stuck in your thoughts? Do you get distracted easily? Do you check your phone first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep? Can you resist answering emails in your head during guided meditation? Do you often feel pressure to be present? Does your mind wander?

Have you ever heard about hyperconnectivity?

If you answered “yes”, it means you are hyperconnected.

Don’t worry! If you want to feel more present, in the here and now, you are in the right place.

Hyper Susan, your neo-healer will help you to connect to yourself.


Performers: Zuzanna Sosnowska & Danielle Gallia- Kind


Connect to yourself, an outcome of two years of artistic research proposes neo-healing as a remedy for hyperconnectivity for neurodivergent people.

The artistic strategy combines participation with case study, sound improvisation with stream of consciousness and non-stop talking with introspection. In-depth theoretical research investigates the disruption of attention and promotes neurodiversity as a superpower in the context of commodification of sound healing and guided meditation.

Audience is an agent of experience.

Lie down on the mattress, relax and immerse in the soundscape.

Immersive experience combined with performative lecture reveals hyperconnectivity’s impact on attention.


Artist website

Read about the artistic research

60 minuten


14 januari 2023 om 18:30:00

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